Transfer Switches

Transfer Switches

U.L. 1008 Listed (File No. E32008), these Transfer Switches are rated for applications of 100 thru 4000 amperes, up to 600 Vac with interrupting ratings of 35kAIC@480Vac thru 150kAIC@480Vac available.




The Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS) has two control options available; the microprocessor based controls and the electromechanical based controls.


When selecting the type of automatic controls to use in the ATS, it becomes the preference of the specifying engineer. Typically speaking, more control options are available with the microprocessor controls in a cost saving range. However, many people prefer the robustness of electromechanical controls along with their simplicity of troubleshooting even with a few limits on the available options and increased cost.


When navigating through the Transfer Switch links below, please note that all ATS links will have Microprocessor based control information except where the link specifically states it is for Electromechanical Controls.


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Molded Case (MC) Series Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS)


Insulated Case (IC) Series Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS)


MC or IC Series ATS or Manual Transfer Switches (MTS)


Vacuum Breakers (VB) Series Medium Voltage ATS or MTS


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