Dual Motor Automatic Transfer Switch

The Lake Shore Electric Corporation Dual Motor Automatic Transfer Switch provides dependable, positive, programmed delay transfer to an emergency power source in the event of normal power source failure. The switch returns the system to the normal power source in an orderly fashion when normal power is restored. In the event that the emergency source fails, the switch will automatically return to the normal source when it becomes available, bypassing all time delays.

U.L. 1008 Listed (File No. E32008) and CSA approved as suitable for use in emergency systems, these transfer switches are rated for application 225 to 1200 amperes, 600 volts AC or 150 volts DC.

Withstand ratings are very important for Automatic Transfer Switches. These transfer switches are available with standard, high or very high withstand ratings. Withstand ratings are at the terminals of the transfer switch without regard to, or dependence on specific upstream protection. Please see the reverse side of this bulletin to select the switch which best suits your application.

MC Series (Dual Motor)

  • The Dual Motor Automatic Transfer Switch can be used in a wide variety of applications. It provides the ability to do much more than simply connect the load to either the normal source or the emergency source.
  • It provides for a neutral position where neither source is connected, and a time delay in neutral. This allows residual voltages to decay before reapplying power to the load. This time delay accommodates a smooth transfer that does not damage the connected equipment from potential current inrushes and voltage surges. This style switch is recommended for inductive load applications.
  • Only with this switch can a true Service Entrance Rated transfer switch be manufactured. We are proud to offer a full line of service entrance products.
  • This type switch can be used to manufacture a Closed Transition Transfer Switch. It provides a momentary (less than 100ms) position where both sources are simultaneously connected to the load.
  • A gear motor friction drive operates each side of the transfer switch. This proven method of switch operation has been the cornerstone of our products and has proven to be outstandingly reliable. Since the gear motors are permanently lubricated and sealed, maintenance is minimal.
  • Electrical and mechanical interlocks prevent switching devices from applying power to the load inappropriately.
  • Safe manual operation of the transfer switch, under load, is a basic capability that all transfer switches should offer. We are proud that all of our switches are manually operable, under load, without danger to the operator or damage to connected equipment. Manual operating handles are permanently installed to facilitate testing and maintenance.
  • Thermal magnetic or electronic trips for short circuit and overload protection can be provided in the normal, emergency or both sides of the switch.
  • Controls can be specified at time of order. We offer either the traditional rugged industrial grade electromechanical controls, which have traditionally been included in our switches, or the MP7600 microprocessor based control, which is a robust, straightforward and highly dependable controller.
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