Zone Protection Panel

Area Protection Panels

Area Protection Panels (APP), or (Zone Protection Panels), are designed to monitor multiple points in an electrical system for proper normal source voltages.


Every APP comes with an output contact which changes state in the event of one, or more, areas being out of their correct voltage ranges. When a failure of any single area occurs, the APP’s output contact will change state to give the appropriate equipment a signal to activate. As normal power returns, the APP’s output contact changes back to its normal state to signal the appropriate equipment to deactivate.



    • UL 508 Listed
    • Rated for up to 600 VAC
    • Monitors Specified Number of Points: Range from 1 to 24
    • Available Standard Voltages 1∅ 120/240 or 240/480 VAC and 3∅ 120/208, 120/240 or 277/480 VAC
    • Form “C” Dry Contacts Output to Emergency Power System
    • Three Phase Units Also Monitor Phase Rotation
    • Solid State Relays
    • Visible Indication of Failed Circuit is Provided Directly on the Sending Relay
    • NEMA 1 Wall Mountable Enclosure, ANSI-61 Light Gray
    • Key Locking Handle Provided
    • Engraved Identification Nameplates for Each Monitored Point Located on the Door


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Below are some examples of Lake Shore Electric Corporations’ Area Protection Panels. Click on the images to enlarge.


Area Protection Panels' Interior Layout

Area Protection Panels’ Interior Layout

Standard Drawings

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Guide Specification – Area Protection Panel


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Please contact us by phone at 800 225-0141 or by email here. mail-icon

Please reference the datasheet, Area Protection Panel.